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Mettler-Toledo Chemical Synthesis Enclosure

The Mettler-Toledo Chemical Synthesis Enclosure is the ultimate solution for personnel protection and odor mitigation during parallel/chemical synthesis applications. Designed to accommodate multiple Mettler-Toledo synthesis equipment, including the EASYMAX and OPTIMAX, this custom enclosure ensures a safe and efficient workspace.

Tested Containment for Maximum Safety
Rest assured that our enclosure’s containment capabilities are thoroughly tested and proven to meet ASHRAE 110 standards during our rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) process. With the Mettler-Toledo Chemical Synthesis Enclosure, you can confidently carry out your synthesis applications with the highest level of safety.

Durable Construction and Optimal Visibility
Built with a robust polypropylene frame, this Sliding Door Enclosure guarantees durability and longevity. The clear acrylic viewing panels provide unobstructed visibility of the interior workspace, allowing operators to monitor processes with ease. The black lab-grade phenolic base, thoughtfully dished, effectively contains spills, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Enhanced Functionality and Ergonomic Design
The left side of the enclosure is equipped with plumbing and valves, enabling the provision of vacuum, compressed air, water, and nitrogen directly into the workspace, promoting seamless workflow. You’ll find three iris ports strategically placed in the base and right side, facilitating easy access and adaptability. Additionally, the enclosure features a double-safe waste chute, providing efficient waste disposal.

Incorporated Safety Features and User Convenience
The right side of the enclosure boasts a stack light, providing visual cues for go/no-go scenarios, and enhancing operational efficiency. Minihelic gauges allow for real-time monitoring of filter loads, ensuring optimal performance. The FS1650 face velocity alarm guarantees proper operating flow, prioritizing personnel safety. Ergonomic convenience is at the forefront with switches for lights and fans, enabling effortless control.



  • 76.75” Width
  • 39.33” Depth
  • 69.91” Height





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