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Image Analysis & Laser Diffraction Enclosure

Introducing our Image Analysis & Laser Diffraction Enclosure, specifically designed to provide efficient containment during the dry dispersion process for image analysis/laser diffraction. This unit features a sturdy polypropylene construction, complemented by acrylic panels and a phenolic resin dished base, ensuring durability and visibility.

With convenience in mind, the front draft shield is easily removable, allowing seamless loading and unloading of equipment. The enclosure is also equipped with access doors on both sides, providing easy access to the equipment when needed.

Experience optimal containment with our dual HEPA filtration system and strategically placed airfoils that create a laminar airflow across the work surface. This ensures excellent containment of the dry dispersion process with the Sympatec Rodos L.

Discover the reliability and efficiency of our Image Analysis & Laser Diffraction Enclosure, designed to meet your specific needs in image analysis and laser diffraction.

Overall Exterior Dimensions:

  • 46.00” Width
  • 46.00” Depth
  • 63.93” Height




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