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Hybrid Ventilated CAPSULCN CDR-5A Tablet Bottling Enclosure

This custom hybrid ventilated enclosure is engineered for personnel protection against powders during small-batch tablet and capsule bottling applications. The interior space is designed to allow a technician to work with a CAPSULCN CDR-5A capsule filling unit. This unit features a removable glove panel for versatility in applications. It is equipped with an LED light to illuminate the workspace, a stainless-steel service fitting engineered into the phenolic resin base, a right-side pass-through, and a secondary open-face VBE for additional cleaning of containers and equipment before their removal from the containment zone.

The build materials include a polypropylene superstructure with clear acrylic viewing panels and a black phenolic resin base. The base is also dished to help contain any spills within the containment area. Top-hinged doors allow for a large opening to access equipment as needed during non-operational scenarios. This unit is paired with an ADA-compliant electric lift table, ensuring ease of use for a wide range of operators.

Safety features associated with this unit include FS1650 alarms to monitor proper operational face velocities and dual-HEPA BIBO filtration units. The fans are variable-speed fans that adjust based on whether the removable glove ports are installed. Lastly, minihelic gauges monitor filter loads, ensuring efficiency.

For a detailed list of specs, features, and FAT results, please contact your local Flow Sciences representative.

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