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Glas-Col Animal Aerosol Exposure Enclosure

Glas-Col Animal Aerosol Exposure Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection during animal droplet-borne / infectious agents exposure modeling tasks involving the Hel-Con 099C A4212 Full Size Inhalation Exposure System. Features an aluminum framed superstructure, (3x) front sliding doors, (2x) sliding doors on left, and (2x) sliding doors on right; totaling (7x) sliding doors. Top-mount fan/filter housing with Single-HEPA filtration removes aerosolized substances from enclosure interior.

Included stainless steel rolling cart with locking casters allows the user to roll the Hel-Con into the enclosure and perform essential tasks prior to starting the process. (2x) hinged doors on the bottom of the enclosure and hinged door with gas springs facilitate loading of equipment, rolling cart, and specimen. Height of bottom portion of unit (with hinged doors) is 36.18” [919mm], which creates an ergonomically accessible work surface when doors are closed after loading equipment and product.

Containment is provided with one front sliding door open and one side sliding door open. Containment is also provided when one door (of both aforementioned types) are open. This functionality facilitates personnel protection when performing the operation and manipulating the equipment / product for other intermittent tasks.

Additional features include:

  • Black Phenolic Base dished to contain spills
  • Switch-activated LED lighting kit for optimal viewing across the workspace
  • (2x) rubber membrane iris ports on bottom-left and bottom-right for entry/egress of equipment cords and cables
  • Swivel casters for portability of processed specimen and/or rolling cart throughout the laboratory
  • Integrated airflow velocity alarm to alert the user when face velocity is below the setpoint calibrated the certifier
  • Minihelic gauge for real-time display of differential pressure measurements which indicates when HEPA filter may need replacement
    • Displays differential pressure between ambient pressure and on outlet side of filter


External Width: 48.00”
External Depth: 56.00”
velocityInternal Height: 71.54”

FSI Category 10+





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