Downflow Booth for Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer

Downflow Booth for Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer designed for product protection when conducting vial-filling and loading vialed product into a freeze-dryer. Features a 304 stainless steel alloy superstructure and perforated stainless steel base.

Enclosure is intended to preserve product integrity for freeze-drying operations conducted at a frequency of 1-2 times per day. Intended for storage against a wall within an ISO 7 (or less) cleanroom; EPDM rubber bulb-seal protects wall from impact damage.

Stainless Steel cart with locking casters included for portability and storage of enclosure; dimensions are 33”(W) x 38 (H; to work surface).

Enclosure features include:

  • (2x) Top-mounted, Single-HEPA filtration system with prefilter and down-flow fan
  • Removable rear panel for ease of access when unloading and loading equipment
  • Compatible with ISO 7 cleanroom specifications
  • Power bar with 15” cord included for backup fan battery (rated to last 20 minutes after disconnection from grid)


External Width: 50.50”
External Depth: 33.71” (65.50″ with door open)
Internal Height: 33.65”
Total Height (with table): 71.85”

FSI Category 8-9





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