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Bulk Enclosure with Cart and Vented Cabinet

Bulk Powder Enclosure with Cart and Vented Cabinet designed to provide personnel protection while working with powder substances. The enclosure features include a 12.5” face opening, doors, top-mount fans, dual HEPA filtration, 2 minihelic gauges, dished black phenolic base with 20” left-side diameter cutout and 24” W x 14” left side cutout, hinged doors, acrylic panels, Acrylic viewing panels and LED lighting maximize lighting across the workspace. The cart features lock-down casters with cart dimensions of 30” D 72” W 39” H. The vented cabinet each features 2 double bond doors on front with dimensions of 30” D and 36” H.


72” Exterior Width

30” Exterior Depth

27” Interior Height

  FSI Category: 7-8






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