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3D Printing Waste Removal Enclosure

3D Printing Waste Removal Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection during 3d printing operations incurring airborne dust, such as removal of waste polymers. Enclosure features a polypropylene superstructure, acrylic viewing panels, and it mounted to the floor to allow the user to access the working space and perform the operation ergonomically.

Enclosure also features (2x) top-mounted fan/filter housings, each with Dual-HEPA filtration with pre-filter. Both fan/filter housings feature a Bag-In-Bag-out (BIBO) for the safe replacement of the primary filter. (2x) removable panels on bottom third of the unit facilitate loading and unloading of 3D printer.

Optimal ergonomic potential achieved if operator’s height is 70” [178cm].

Additional features include:

  • (2x) 3’ rubber membrane iris ports on the outer left and right walls to facilitate entry/egress of equipment cables and cords
  • Blanked waste chute port on each side of the enclosure to allow retrofitting of an FS2070 Waste Chute (waste chutes may be added prior to placing order, upon request)
  • Minihelic gauge on each fan/filter housing for real-time display of differential pressure measurement between the primary and secondary filters

External Width: 86.00”
External Depth: 36.91”
Internal Height: 73.71”

FSI Category 9-10





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