Polypropylene Bulk Powder Enclosure

Bulk Powder enclosure with Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA filtration system designed for weighing application using an Avery Weigh-Tronix Digital Bench Scale. Enclosure includes stainless steel lift cart and is fitted with 20” base cutout for loading/unloading bulk drums. Hinged front doors provide easy access to application and protection from exposure to hazardous APIs. Airfoils, rear plenums, fan with alarm and thimble connection work to maintain a recommended face velocity of 60–100 LFPM. Polypropylene structure fitted with acrylic panels to allow optimum ambient light transmission.

72″ Exterior Width
30″ Exterior Depth
27″ Interior Height


Performance is paramount in the safety industry. Through consistent design quality and expert manufacturing, Flow Sciences’ units perform.  With surrogate powder testing both in our facility as factory acceptance testing (FAT) and at the customer facility as site acceptance testing (SAT), we consistently exceed our customers’ containment targets and goal expectations.


Containment Target : 40 μg/m³
Surrogate Powder Testing Result :  3.82 μg/m³

Equipment : Balance, Scoops
Operation : Weighing, Bulk Powder Dispensing
Test : Lactose – 3 x 25kg

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