FSI and IsoTech Enter Strategic Alliance for Non-Sterile and Sterile Containment

Flow Sciences Inc., Leland, NC and Isotech Design, Montreal (Quebec) Canada announce the formation of a strategic business alliance. This will promote the sales of one another’s products in North America and internationally to provide non-sterile and sterile solutions to pharma, biopharma, nanotechnology, pharmacy, and other industries.

Flow Sciences, Inc., a recognized thought leader in the production of containment devices for use in the processing of API and HPAPI powders during research, pilot plant and C-GMP manufacturing. See flowsciences.com

Isotech Design is a well-known quality leader in the design &production of barrier isolation technology & primary engineering controls used in aseptic compounding & production for pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. See www.isotechdesign.com

The companies will share booth space at the Interphex exhibition in New York City on April 2ndthru 4thand at the CPhI exhibition in Chicago on April 30ththru May 2nd. Their products will be on display and technical representatives will be able to answer questions and provide  support.

ChemoSphere - Chemo Compounding by IsoTech Design
MicroSphere - Sterile Compounding by IsoTech Design
IsoSphere - ST- Sterility Testing by IsoTech Design
IsoSphere - AF - Aseptic Filling by IsoTech Design
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