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Fitzmill L1A & Quadro Comil Glovebox

Glovebox Workstation
Glovebox and Comil
Glovebox and Fitzmill

Flow Sciences was approached to design a glovebox that would enclose milling processes done by either a Fitzmill L1A or a Quadro Comil.

Containment Design:
A panel interface on the right side of the glovebox allowed for the connection of either piece of equipment that would sit on a custom-designed cart to fit each jet mill model. The interchangeable side panel allowed for use of either unit and minimized shutdown time before substitution. The FSI design allowed interface with either machine by using two separate interface plates!


The L1A panel allows the operator free access to the control panel of the L1A while the outlet blower line runs into the enclosure. Additionally, this panel features two cavities to allow insertion and support of the L1A “feet.” The Comil panel features a cutout where it can be inserted into the enclosure for use. The pass-through on the left side allows easy access for insertion of product. One quick-disconnect on the front left and right sides of the unit allows connection and use of Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2) gas sources. Oval glove ports on the front hinged door protects the operator from dermal exposure to product. A guillotine door was chosen for the pass-through connection to minimize impact on the work surface.

A 1:1 MDF and acrylic mock-up was sent to the client, who made extensive revisions that were then applied to the enclosure design. The client wanted to add a drain to the base for waste disposal while increasing the depth and width of the isolator. Another glove port was added for cleaning the unit while under containment and the pass-through size redesigned to accommodate larger containers that would be introduced into the unit.

Test Performance:
The original client’s internal policies stipulated protection from dermal exposure and reduction of respiratory exposure concentration of no more than 1 microgram powder per cubic meter air, expressed as an 8-hour Time Weighted Average (TWA). The client shipped the Fitzmill L1A and the Quadro Comil to FSI for fitting, finishing, and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Under all configurations, containment down to 0.3 micrograms was achieved.

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