Corporate Communications Officer Press Release

Flow Sciences Welcomes Rachel Brady to the Team

Flow Sciences is pleased to announce the addition of Rachel Brady to the team as Corporate Communications Officer.  Rachel will act as a liaison between Flow Sciences, its service providers, distributors, and the sales organization to ensure overall quality and customer satisfaction as well as determine the future needs of the containment industry.

Rachel brings a unique blend of experiences to the Flow Sciences team.  As a previous bench chemist and many years in sales management, she has spent the last 12 years as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager in both manufacturing and pharmaceutical testing.   She has developed detailed banding systems around pharmaceutical handling and been part of a design team for laboratories handling OEB 3-5, in addition to BSL2 labs.  Ms. Brady has also worked with Flow Sciences in the past as a client utilizing our custom design products for containment.  With her varied knowledge from technical user to purchaser, she will bring a unification of communication from client to design to the end worker.

Rachel’s passion is the safety and education of workers.   Internally, Rachel will be working closely with our Marketing, Sales and Lab teams to develop new strategies and concepts to streamline our processes and increase our customer service experience.

Learn more about Containment Talks featuring Rachel Brady.
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