Analytical Process Isolator

Virus Screening & HPAPI Handling-The Analytical Process Isolator


Continuous Process Isolator for Product & Personnel Protection

The Analytical Process Isolator™ or A.P.I. is a continuous process isolator to vented enclosure system that allows for ISO 5 clean processing and intake or outtake through a negative pressure vented cabinet.

  •  Proprietary Lateral Flow Bio Containment™ LFBC™ ISO 5 Lateral Flow Interior Glove Box Isolator for Personnel & Product Protection
  •  Vented Enclosure with Negative Pressure Connected through a proprietary space-saving Door Design for Secondary Cleaning or Decontamination
  •  Lateral Flow or Smooth Horizontal Airflow Across the Isolator Prevents Disturbance on the Work Surface or When Sampling
  •  4″ Pleated HEPA Inlet filter, as well as Dual HEPA BIBO (Bag-In/Bag-Out) Exhaust Stacks on the Isolator Side and Vented Enclosure Side Allow for Recirculation of Clean Air into the Lab
  •  Without Customization, the Analytical Process Isolator has an 8-10 WEEK Lead Time
  •  Surrogate Powder Test Results show Proven Containment Below 10 ng/m3, Even with Catastrophic Spill

Sample Application:  Highly Potent API Weighing & Sampling
Weighing and solution prep with 10g of OEB 5 powder, then transfer into vented enclosure for secondary cleaning. Containment Performance Target: to work with the OEB 4 and OEB 5 APIs, the customer required 10ng/m3 (ten nanograms per meter cubed) at the breathing zone of the operator, as well as ISO 5 or better interior cleanliness.

Sample Application:  High Throughput Virus Screening
Screening or PCR of 96 well plate of virus samples in a dual protection (product & personnel protection) isolator.  The ISO 5 interior cleanliness keeps the integrity of the samples, while the less than 10 ng/m3 containment ensures safety for the operator. Containment Performance Target: Product and Personnel Protection while sampling highly potent or toxic materials, including infectious virus screening.

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