LELAND, NC (FEBRUARY 18, 2020) – The Plastic Ocean Project (POP), an initiative that aims to educate about the dangers of plastic pollution, approached Flow Sciences, Inc., a leading provider of containment systems for HPAPI processing and ADC manufacturing, to create a sample protection solution during micro-fiber analysis. POP has been collecting ocean samples that needed to be analyzed within an enclosure capable of reducing the potential of cross-contamination from external sources. The collected samples are examined and sorted within the enclosure where the downflow from the FSI enclosure creates a clean space.  Reduction of the possibility of cross contamination from external sources makes their findings easier to publish in peer review journals.

POP’s mission is to the change the way the local community thinks about plastic, particularly with regards to its pollutant properties. By collecting contaminated ocean samples, POP is able to utilize FSI’s enclosures for its continuing research. The enclosure FSI provided POP was a top-mount ETA in a downflow configuration. This enclosure pushes room air through a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter into the enclosure, so that outside contamination of the lab does not affect the properties of the collected ocean samples being analyzed for harmful plastic microfibers.

Upon completion of the enclosure, POP was invited from its Wilmington office to visit the Flow Sciences testing lab in Leland, allowing the POP team to see how the unit should be properly used, and how successfully the enclosure provides a clean space for continuing POP’s research.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of the unit Flow Sciences so graciously provided us for our research,” said Bonnie Monteleone, Director of Science, Research and Academic Partnerships for Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. “This will allow our research to reach a wider audience that is unaware of plastic pollution and how it affects not only our immediate community, but all the communities of this planet.”

For more information about the Plastic Ocean Project, visit http://www.plasticoceanproject.org

For more information about Flow Sciences, Inc. and its containment enclosure capabilities, visit http://www.flowsciences.com