The Vibration Dampening Vented Balance/Microbalance Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection to a respiratory exposure concentration down to 0.1 ug/m3 while working with bagged bulk powder substances. Specifically, the enclosure is designed to accommodate the loading and weighing of bagged Highly Potent Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI). Design accounts for a manipulated quantity of 1-999 kilograms of powder.  20” outer diameter Delrin ring bulk-powder drum membrane system compatible with drums between the dimensional range of [15”H x 13”OD] to [29”H x 18.5”OD]. Metallic recess with acrylic viewing panel included for ease of viewing balance measurements. Features cubical graphite balance stand to prevent vibrational interference typically incurred during a process involving the weighing of bagged product with expected output on the microgram scale.

The enclosure features include the following:

  • polypropylene superstructure
  • removable draftshield with 8” oval glove ports
  • right-side continuous liner for waste disposal and transport of bagged product
  • acrylic viewing panels for optimal viewing of work surface

Additionally, the enclosure is designed to enclose a weighing operation requiring the containment of a 4-position analytical pan balance and 6-position analytical balance (aka. microbalance).  The cubical graphite balance stand is included within design to attenuate vibrational interference which has the propensity to contribute to statistical noise in weight/mass measurements.

Top mounted Fan/Filter Housing features automatic toggling between two speeds (set by a professional certifier) upon removal/replacement of gloveport draftshield.

  • Integrated alarm system alerts the user when face velocity is above or below the upper/lower calibrated setpoints.
  • Misting Wand connection available for use when cleaning and decontaminating enclosure interior.


External Width: 119″
External Depth: 26″
Internal Height: 27″

FSI Category 10+