Buchi B290 Spray Dryer Enclosure

Buchi B290 Spray Dryer Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection when working with powdered substances down to a respiratory exposure concentration of at least 10 micrograms per cubic meter air (10 ug/m3). Accommodates sufficient space for ergonomic use of the Buchi B290 Spray Dryer with dimensions (WxHxD) 25.59” x 43.3” x 27.5” [65cm X 110xm X 70cm]. Optimal containment performance is achieved when approximately 35 grams of powder are processed per workweek.

On extreme left side, the enclosure features a stainless steel sink to accommodate washing of the spray cylinder and other glass components. On right side, safe removal of waste is facilitated, in close proximity, by an FS2079 Double Safe Waste Chute. Drain line connection is facilitated by 4” rubber membrane iris port on the underside of enclosure.

At an additional cost, a stainless steel table is included to facilitate connection between the Buchi B290 Spray Dryer to the Buchi Inert Loop B-296. Table also features leveling pads for stability of equipment and reproducibility of mass measurements.

Additional features include:

  • (3x) removable sliding doors
  • (2x) 3” diameter vertically oriented iris ports on outer face of rear-left and rear-right corners of enclosure; facilitates entry/removal of equipment cables and cords
  • (1x) 3” diameter rubber membrane iris port on right side of enclosure rear


External Width: 89.75”
External Depth: 37.00”
Internal Height: 52.69”

FSI Category 10+


  • What is being done inside of the enclosure? What type of material (powder, liquid, gas, nuisance odor) is being worked with? How does the material enter and exit the enclosure system? etc...
  • What type of filtration is required? Single HEPA, Dual HEPA, Carbon, House Exhaust, etc... What is the required OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) for the process, or any other details about containment goals? What is the quantity of powder or liquid, task duration, composition of powder, etc...?
  • What equipment is being worked with? What is the equipment model, size, scope, function, and any other information that will affect the design of the enclosure, including movement, heat output, etc...? *State the specific equipment make and model if available*
  • Drop files here or
    • Are there any additional notes or information that should be considered? Are there any special design requirements?