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ProFill Capsule Filling Enclosure

ProFill Capsule Filling Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection while using a ProFill Capsule Filling System when working with powder substances. The enclosure features include acrylic panels, black

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Stainless Steel FTIR Enclosure

Application: Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis with Getinge La Calhene Alpha-Beta Ports This stainless steel enclosure was designed for Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy analysis methods

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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms Acid A compound which, when disolved in water gives a pH of less than 7.0 or donates a hydrogen ion. Acid Transfer

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Popular Containment Systems

Glovebox Workstation

LFBC™ Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator for HPAPI Processing HEPA inlet filter for internal ISO 5 or better cleanliness Containment for OEB 3-5 below 30ng/m3

Hybrid Isolator

HYBRID ISOLATOR Dual Purpose Contained Vented Enclosure Removable Glove Panel for Multiple Processes ApplicationsTwo-Speed Fan Adjusts Face Opening Air VelocitySurrogate Powder Testing Below 50 ng/m3Polypropylene

Compounding Hoods

USP 795 / USP 800 Compounding Hoods Non-Sterile Compounding ETA Series VBE Designed for working with balances and other equipmentAvailable to recirculate into lab or

Chemical Fume Hoods

CHEMICAL FUME HOOD Consider Sustainability Provides better containment, VAV is installedSave over 60% of energy with the SAF T FLOWTM Fume Hood SeriesGreat ANSI/ASHRAE 110

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