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Flow Sciences’ Hybrid Isolator Contains to Less Than 50 ng/mwith Bulk Powders 

LELAND, NC, June 26, 2018 — Flow Sciences, a leading provider of containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant, and manufacturing facilities, now offers a Bulk Powder Hybrid Isolator glovebox that is proven by third-party acceptance testing to facilitate an interior concentration of less than 50 nanograms per cubic meter (50 ng/m3).


The system maintains all of the engineering controls of the standard Hybrid Isolator, but is now designed to include a 20” cutout and a membrane set which can accommodate 3 bulk powder drum diameter sizes. The membrane set also prevents powder from spilling over the lip of the drum during pouring operations. In addition, it can be shipped with a hydraulic lifting jack which allows the customer to lift a drum through the base of the enclosure into its interior to work with the bulk powders in a contained environment.

Flow Sciences’ consultation process breeds innovative solutions, which drives the evolution of our standard products. This adaption of our Hybrid Isolator Series is a perfect example of who we are as a company. Every interaction with end users and engineers adds to our growing enclosure repertoire, which continues our corporate vision of providing the best containment solution for numerous applications. Using our TaskMatch application search tool, we combine today’s consumer-oriented market with our own expert consultation to create a product of optimal performance.

In the constantly connected landscape of today, the ever increasing toxicity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) presents the ever increasing need for personnel and/or product protection. At Flow Sciences, we consistently strive to ensure the safety of the whole process by engineering and manufacturing optimal enclosure. Flow Sciences creates engineering controls for hazards that cannot be eliminated or substituted.

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